Individual Membership $50/year.

Provides e-mail information about area Car events/shows, Monthly meetings during season, Access to club social and cruise in events. lndividual access to restricted access area car events such as Cars on 5th, which will be limited to Members in good standing only.

What is a car club?

Car clubs are an association of enthusiasts dedicated to the history and preservation of our automotive industry. Car clubs have been around since the early 1900's, where one of the most famous clubs of all time still is active today, AAA. Unlike the early clubs that helped car owners find passable roads, gasoline or boarding houses, the clubs of the today are more geared to extending their help for charitable causes. Our club is the best of both worlds. We are a charity driven organization that has the benefit of using our cars as our calling card. We are rebels with a cause and a determination to extend our hands and our hearts, thru our automotive means, to help those in need.

What's in it for me?

Good times! Barbeques! Lively conversations! Automotive lies! Lots of laughs! Best of all, it is the camaraderie of members, fellow enthusiasts and spectators alike who share the common unmistakable love for the automobile. Charity, is just the dessert!

What do we expect?

Any member of an organization represents that organization on and off the show circuit. We expect our members to promote the club and its activities and abide by the by laws we have set forth. We strongly encourage your personal participation on committees and to become involved with the executive board process. We need and want your ideas, your vision and your dedication.